Have a question related to our training clases? Then check out the most common questions we receive below in our FAQ.

Primavera P6 Professional Fundamentals Class

Where can I get the Exercise Worksheet & Sample Data Files?
The Exercise Worksheet & Sample Data Files are found at the ‘Getting Started’ page at the very beginning of the class. This is the screen before Lesson 1.

I can’t open the Exercise Worksheet.
You’ll need the free Adobe Reader to view these PDF documents. This is available here https://get.adobe.com/reader/

I’ve downloaded the Exercise Worksheet & Sample Data Files but can’t open them.
These files are in zip format and need to be unzipped first. Then you can use them as directed by the video lessons and per the instructions in the Exercise Worksheet.

I’m having trouble installing Primavera P6.
We recommend following the installation instructors exactly. It is easy, during the installation process, to miss a check box, click ‘Next’ past a screen that needed input or a change in the default, etc. Simply uninstall and try the installation again as per the installation instructions.

Applicable To All Classes

Can my login be used by my colleagues?
No, user access is strictly on a per individual person only and is not to be shared. Ten Six employs AI-facilitated automation to collect, analyze and monitor access and individual course progress.

How do I print my certificate?
You certificate becomes available at the end of the course after all videos have been watched and all quizzes completed.

Is there a certificate for all three classes?
No. Each class has its own certificate which is available upon completion of the class.

I’ve finished the class and my certificate isn’t showing up.
Go back and check that all lessons have been completed together with all the quizzes. Once they are completed, your certificate will become available.

How long do I have access to the classes?
We provide access to the classes for two years and you can go back over the content as many times as you like. If you need longer than this, please email us at training@tensix.com to request an extension.